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Piz Gloria is a stylish comfortable chalet for two or three families at the Dinner Plain Alpine Village on Mount Hotham, Victoria, Australia.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld, head of SPECTRE and hell bent on World Wide Domination plots an evil biowarfare scheme from the rooftop of Switzerland at his mountain top lair Piz Gloria. Blofeld is brainwashing his unsuspecting army of fair young maidens who innocently believe they are attending an allergy clinic. Of course, wherever there be young maidens there shall inevitably be Bond, James Bond... wearing a kilt and played by Australian George Lazenby in the fifth, and his only, Bond film - On Her Majesty's Secret Service.



In real life the setting was to be the worlds highest revolving restaurant under construction atop the 10,000ft peak of Schilthorn Mountain in Switzerland. The owners were struggling with funds to complete the project, so Broccoli and Saltzman, the film's Producers finished the building and even constructed a helipad in return for use of the location throughout filiming. The groovy late 60's interiors of the day still remain, and the restauarnt is open to the public, accessible only by cable car, helicopter or intrepid mountain climbers and has retained it's screen persona as.....


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